May 16, 2022

Lynx Dx Welcomes New Executive Leadership

Lynx Dx Welcomes New Executive Leadership

ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN – MAY 16, 2022 – Lynx Dx, an Ann Arbor-based biotech startup and developers of the revolutionary MyProstateScore™ (MPS), announces three high-level medical and healthcare technology executives assumed leadership positions as the company prepares to expand and further advance its innovative diagnostic solutions. At the helm are: Steve Riggs, President; Spencer Heaton M.D., M.B.A., Chief Medical and Commercial Officer; and Jeff Crays, Chief Technology Officer.

Lynx Dx launched in 2020 with a focus on improving prostate cancer screening. Using a urine diagnostic test originated in a research lab at the University of Michigan, the company developed MyProstateScore. MPS is a non-invasive prostate cancer urine test capable of detecting the presence of two genetic markers linked to prostate cancer. Combining this information with the prostate-specific antigen (PSA) level, the test eliminates unnecessary biopsies that carry a risk of complications including difficulty urinating, bleeding at the biopsy site, infection or other side effects.

Since launching, the company has scaled quickly, growing their team from a handful of individuals to hundreds of employees within a few short months. The company is now poised to advance usage of its ground-breaking prostate cancer detection test, MPS.

Lynx Dx’s new leadership includes:

Steve Riggs, M.B.A., President – is a highly accomplished, results-oriented finance leader with more than 25 years of experience directing financial and administrative operations. He has a proven track record of consistently identifying complex business issues and implementing successful solutions to improve top-line growth and bottom-line profitability.

Spencer Heaton M.D., M.B.A. Chief Medical and Commercial Officer – is a physician executive with experience in healthcare delivery, healthcare technology services, medical research, venture capital, and drug, device and diagnostics development, focusing on outcome improvement through novel technologies.

Jeff Crays, M.S.C., Chief Technology Officer – is leading Lynx Dx technology strategies with 20 years of experience leveraging emerging technology and business strategy to impact the quality of the organization’s processes, products, services, and software. Crays has a proven track record for transforming organizations into customer-facing partners, raising collaboration and trust levels while executing the long-term vision of technology investments.

About Lynx Dx

Using technology spun out of the University of Michigan, Lynx Dx develops innovative diagnostic solutions that can be implemented in a clinical setting. Among these are MyProstateScore™ (MPS), a prostate cancer urine test that provides the most accurate results for prostate cancer detection and eliminates unnecessary biopsies. The company’s mission is to improve patient care through translation of cutting-edge technologies. In addition to using scientific expertise to develop novel diagnostic tools, Lynx Dx works to see these tools used in clinical practice. The company is committed to developing and enhancing MyProstateScore as well as looking ahead to introducing future diagnostic solutions.

About MyProstateScore™

MyProstateScore™ (MPS) is an early detection test for prostate cancer that measures the levels of two urine biomarkers, TMPRSS2:ERG and PCA3, that are strongly associated with clinically significant prostate cancer. Combining the patient’s PSA level and the levels of these two cancer-specific biomarkers, MPS provides patients with an individualized result that predicts the risk of clinically significant prostate cancer with an incredibly high degree of accuracy. Using this information, the physician and patient work to devise a personalized plan for evidence-based medical decisions.