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Our mission is to develop superior genomic tests where there is a clear patient need.

Our standard is to produce tests with the highest degree of accuracy and efficiency with an unparalleled customer experience.

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Lynx Dx provides best-in-class diagnostic testing services to help people live healthy and productive lives.

We are and will continue to be a premier employer, encouraging individual and team contributions, honesty, and accountability.


In all they do, our staff holds true our six core company values.

  • Performance-based in a pursuit of excellence
  • Teachable and respectful
  • Responsible and accountable
  • Scientific, data-driven
  • Transparent, equitable, and candid
  • Innovative and agile


Our Leadership Team deeply cares about improving risk assessment for prostate cancer and offers decades of diverse experience to support the mission.


Lynx Dx was formed by a group of highly credentialed, renowned clinical leaders from the University of Michigan’s urology department, who have devoted their lives to supporting public health.

LynxDx's Foundation: Groundbreaking Clinical Research


Ground-Breaking Clinical Research

Lynx Dx is grounded in the foundational work conducted by research scientists at the University of Michigan who discovered that 75% of all prostate tumors harbor a certain genetic anomaly in which the genes TMPRSS2 and ERG fuse together (T2:ERG), creating an “on switch” for prostate cancer development. The resulting screening test MyProstateScore (MPS) has provided patients with individualized, non-invasive risk assessments for prostate cancer by measuring urine levels of two unique cancer genes, T2:ERG and PCA3. MPS has proven to eliminate unnecessary biopsies for men who have elevated PSA results but do not have the two genetic markers present.

LynxDx History - COVID-19 Pandemic Challenge


COVID-19 Pandemic

The lab process used to analyze genetic risk for cancer enabled Lynx Dx to pivot and support its communities when COVID-19 began. Our drive-thru testing network became one of the nation’s leading COVID-19 testing lab operations.

LynxDx - Next Generation of Prostate Cancer Testing


MyProstateScore 2.0

Our scientists continued research during the height of the pandemic to further study and validate the critical biomarkers that could improve patient care around prostate cancer risk. They discovered 18 unique genes—including the T2:ERG transcripts—that, when analyzed together, offer a clear and highly individualized prediction of a patient’s risk of having clinically significant prostate cancer. MyProstateScore 2.0 offers patients and practitioners the most comprehensive personalized data set and individual insights for the most appropriate next steps in a patient’s care.

Why Lynx Dx?

With proprietary T2:ERG gene fusion combined with 17 other biomarkers and serum PSA levels, we leverage the power of precision molecular diagnostics to provide highly accurate, individualized risk assessments and tools for clinicians. We pride ourselves on delivering excellent customer service to enable world-class clinical diagnostic decision support. We aim to offer men and their families peace of mind throughout their screening and clear, intuitive results that help improve patient care and satisfaction.

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