December 6, 2023

Lynx Dx Relocates to New and Improved Headquarters to Prime Next Phase of Growth

Lynx Dx Relocates to New and Improved Headquarters to Prime Next Phase of Growth

ANN ARBOR, MI – Lynx Dx, an Ann Arbor-based genomics startup and developer of the revolutionary MyProstateScore 2.0 (MPS2), announces a major milestone in the company’s growth and prostate cancer risk assessment innovation after moving to an improved office and laboratory space the company acquired.

The new headquarters, located in the State Street Executive Park, gives Lynx Dx room to expand its operations ahead of its planned expanded commercial launch, and it provides a more conducive environment for collaboration between teams and for testing and research operations. The 21,667 square-foot building offers a mix of Class A office and wet lab space, with five times more capacity to process and store samples than Lynx Dx’s previous location.

The relocation also kicks off what’s expected to be a series of key developments for the company and its efforts to provide best-in-class genomic diagnostic testing services for prostate cancer, the second-leading cause of cancer death among men in the U.S.

“Establishing a new and expanded headquarters represents the start of an exciting new chapter for Lynx Dx and our efforts to revolutionize prostate cancer risk assessment for patients and clinicians,” company President Steve Riggs said. “In conjunction with some exciting news to come, this move firmly places us at the forefront of efforts to advance early detection of a difficult disease and help more people live healthy and productive lives.”

Using science originated in a research lab at the University of Michigan, Lynx Dx developed its first and now second generation risk assessment test, MPS2. MPS2 is a data-driven, urine prostate cancer screening test that provides highly accurate, risk assessment insights to guide clinical decisions for patients with elevated prostate-specific antigen (PSA) or abnormal digital rectal exam (DRE) findings. The test combines the predictive power of 18 urine biomarkers with those clinical factors most relevant in men with higher risk factors for prostate cancer. By using the MPS2 assessment, physicians are able to more accurately inform their patients whether or not a clinically relevant cancer is present and what the best next steps are in their prostate cancer care.

About Lynx Dx

Using technology developed at the University of Michigan, Lynx Dx provides best-in-class diagnostic testing services to help people live healthy and productive lives. The company’s mission is to develop superior genomic tests where there is clear patient need. Lynx Dx produces tests with the highest degree of accuracy, efficiency combined with an unparalleled customer experience. For more information about Lynx Dx please visit

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