July 13, 2023

Prostate Cancer Podcasts, Blogs and Websites You Should Follow

Prostate Cancer Podcasts, Blogs and Websites You Should Follow

Getting diagnosed with prostate cancer can be scary, thrusting you into a world of unknowns. But because the disease is so common, a positive diagnosis does not mean that you are isolated or alone.

To help support you in your journey, we offer 11 blogs, podcasts and nonprofit organization websites to help you connect with the latest scientific knowledge, research findings, advice, personal stories, hardships, victories and more about the second-most common cancer for men. The internet is a big place, so we hope this makes it feel a little smaller and easier.

Prostate Cancer Blogs


One of the pre-eminent prostate cancer nonprofits, ZERO is a powerhouse fundraiser, an excellent source of educational information and resources, plus the Journey to Zero blog. Written by contributors, it’s filled with survivor stories, promotions for run/walk fundraiser events, discussions of the effects of PCa and prostatectomies on sexual intimacy, regular columns from clinicians and pieces about advances in prostate cancer research.

Prostate Cancer Foundation

The Prostate Cancer Foundation bills itself as the “Global Public Square of Prostate Cancer” and the leading philanthropy focused on research and novel treatments for the disease. Its blog is filled with inspiring patient stories.

Sperling Prostate Center

Dr. Dan Sperling is a champion of using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to localize, biopsy and treat prostate tumors at his clinics in New York City and Delray Beach, Florida. He’s also a prolific blogger, with recent posts including an entry noting that men and male dogs are the only mammals known to get prostate cancer, the connection between gut bacteria and prostate cancer, and the options for treating erectile dysfunction after a prostatectomy. Sperling does a good job breaking down complicated peer-reviewed research for everyday readers.

Harvard Health Blog

Written by a revolving team of clinicians and other contributors, Harvard Health Blog explores topics that range well beyond prostate cancer while also offering a separate resource page devoted to all things PCa. The blog is an excellent resource for staying up to date on the latest in scientific medical knowledge, and it’s a good reminder that, like any other health condition, prostate cancer doesn’t exist in a vacuum and is highly influenced by other lifestyle and environmental factors.

Prostate Cancer Podcasts

The Prostate Health Podcast

As host of The Prostate Health Podcast, Garrett Pohlman, MD, a practicing urologist, cautions that his show is not meant to substitute for medical advice. Rather, he interviews experts who work in urology and men’s health, including but not limited to prostate cancer, in short, bite-size episodes.

Prostate Cancer Uncensored

Technically, ZERO produces three podcasts under its Prostate Cancer Uncensored umbrella: the title show, Black Men’s Prostate Cancer Initiative, and the We’re Not Gonna Take It! Podcast, the latter hosted by Twisted Sister guitarist Jay Jay French. The shows leverage their high profiles to land celebrity guests like William King of the Commodores, Rob Halford of Judas Priest and former NBA All-Star Grant Hill.

Prostate Cancer Aware

Jonathan Chance is a prostate cancer survivor and award-winning reporter who also runs the  iknowmypsa.org advocacy organization and has written a book about his experience with the disease. Prostate Cancer Aware is a patient-centered show with short episodes that usually hover around 10 minutes or less featuring interviews with physicians and survivors.

Prostate Cancer: Surviving Together

Topics on this podcast, from the Kansas City-based Prostate Network, range from Q&A, prostate cancer research on gay men, being an advocate for clinical trials, and sexual intimacy for survivors.

Prostate Cancer Web Resources


Malecare is a nonprofit run by oncologists, psychologists and social workers that offers programs, content and links to support groups for underserved populations including Black, gay, bisexual, trans and Native American men. It’s billed as “the world’s first cancer survivor organization to present programs focused on gay and bisexual men’s cancer survivorship,” starting in 1998 with the National LGBT Cancer Project and Out WIth Cancer, the national LGBT cancer patient registry, plus a prostate cancer research directory for Black men.

Prostate Health Education Network

Founder and President Thomas Farrington is a Black man and a prostate cancer survivor himself. The Prostate Health Education Network, a nonprofit, focuses on eliminating racial disparities in PCa care. It also operates a number of survivor support groups and offers webcasts, summits and other events.

Prostate Conditions Education Council

The Prostate Conditions Education Council dates its founding to 1989 and is the founder of the Prostate Cancer Awareness Week program, which it says has helped it screen more than 5 million men nationwide for the disease and boost early detection of the disease. PCEC promotes early detection, research, education and awareness. On its website, you can sign up for a newsletter, find free PSA screenings or information about clinical trials, sign up to volunteer at events, and more.